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Oregon Defective products Attorneys

Oregon Product Liability Attorneys

The attorneys at Clark Law and Associates, LLC handle product liability claims, including defective product claims and food claims.

If you were a victim of an defective product you want to do the following:

- Call Clark Law and Associates, LLC at (503) 238-1010 for any free initial consultation. If a lawyer won't answer the device, the best assistant will require down your initial information plus an attorney is certain to get back usually within 24 hours.
- Keep all records from a purchase
- Take photos of the defective product and of your injuries
- Notify the individual that sold the product and the manufacturer that you just were injured
- Document your injuries by seeking prompt medical assistance
- Record any lost income or wages
- Write directions or have Clark Law and Associates, LLC write directions for your benefit requesting the entity responsible for the defective product to preserve evidence
- Preserve all evidence and document the way any evidence has become transported.
- If applicable, hold the product independently tested.
- In case your claim is against a governmental agency, hire Clark Law and Associates, LLC to perform tort claim notice in your case within 180 days under ORS 30.275.

Oregon Product Liability Attorneys

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